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Know Before You Go (Peanut) December 21, 2010

With food allergies, it’s important to be informed before you go out to eat.  This is especially true when you have kids.  All that loading and unloading and the fussiness that hunger brings…  it’s a wonder us parents don’t meltdown first!  There’s often no time to make a mistake in choosing a restaurant.


So, before you go, those with peanut allergies should know to avoid the following nice, but not particularly allergy-friendly, restaurants:


Whitlow’s on Wilson (items fried in peanut oil) – Arlington, VA

Chick Fil-A (peanut oil) – various locations

Five Guys (peanut oil) – various locations

Rockland’s BBQ (shellable peanuts strewn about restaurant) – Arlington, VA and Washington, DC



If you know of other restaurants that fit this unfortunate bill, please add a comment and let others’ know!


One Response to “Know Before You Go (Peanut)”

  1. Dan Fehr Says:

    Just a note on this topic…most people with peanut allergies can ingest peanut oil, because the protein that triggers the reaction does not exist in the oil (you should still avoid cold pressed or “gourmet” style oils).
    I found out, by accident, that I am ok to ingest nut and sesame oils. But ask your doctor…it opens up a whole world of foods!

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