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Emergency On-the-Go Pack January 7, 2011

Like many of you, we carry two EpiPens wherever we go, just in case.  Upon buying my sixteenth spur-of-the-moment bottle of Children’s Benadryl, I also began carrying that with us all the time.  After that we added an inhaler to the portable pharmacy in my purse.  And, then…I couldn’t find ANYTHING!


Finally, I got smart.  I decided to put together an emergency pack for my son where all his medications could be easily retrieved.


Since the emergency medications might need to be used urgently, the container had to be easily opened and indestructible. I opted to use a 3″ x 6″ tupperware container.  All my essentials fit in perfectly and the pack isn’t so bulky that I can’t stick it in my purse easily.


My pack contains:

1.  My son’s two Epi-Pens,

2.  The instructions for their use,

3.   An asthma inhaler; and

4.  Children’s Benadryl Perfect Measure Single-Use spoons.


I’ve found that there are many benefits to having an On-the-Go pack like this.  First, it keeps all his meds in one place — there’s no need to roam around my bag and check all those side pockets.  Secondly, it’s easy to transfer.  For example, if I’m switching from my day bag to pool bag, I can transfer just one item rather than having to account for many.  Finally, it easily goes where my son does.  When my son heads off to a playdate or enjoys an afternoon with his grandparents, it’s simple to pass along those medications that should accompany him to another adult in charge and eliminates some of the questions about what to do if he has a reaction.


10 Responses to “Emergency On-the-Go Pack”

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  2. busymomof3 Says:

    A suggestion regarding emergency pack: add a pair of child’s safety scissors. I have a hard time opening the single dose Benadryl packages. If I needed to open them fast (while in an absolute panic) I know that I would be able to do so easily with the scissors.

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