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Bring on the Meatballs! February 1, 2011

Finding allergy-free breadcrumbs seemed an impossible task.  My mother and I once went on a hunt to find prepackaged breadcrumbs and left our respective breadcrumb aisles empty-handed across three states!  They always either contained dairy or sesame — and, most often, both.  While it’s easy to substitute cornflake or panko crumbs for regular breadcrumbs, neither option tastes exactly right in many classic recipes.


Perusing our local market one day, I noticed breadcrumbs in the Kosher section – several aisles away from their more traditional breadcrumb cousins.  By some sort of miracle, Jason’s breadcrumbs contain neither milk nor sesame.   They come plain or seasoned and have made my meatballs all the more scrumptious (if I do say so myself…).





5 Responses to “Bring on the Meatballs!”

  1. Kari Says:

    Thanks! Sesame and Milk are both on our list.

  2. […] discussed in an earlier post (, sesame seeds are often included in bread crumbs, making ordering food with breadcrumbs just a […]

  3. joe carola Says:

    unfortunately….the label on the unseasoned box now has a “made in a facility that manufactures walnuts and sesame seeds”.

    • jennifer Says:

      Yes, my nephew has a sesame allergy and I bought the Jason seasoned breadcrumbs and later noticed that although sesame is not an ingredient it is processed in the factory with unfortunately the search continues.

      • malawer Says:

        Yes, they added that after this post was published. I have some ideas for replacements in draft right now!

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