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Miyagi: Delightful… for Date Night February 3, 2011

Let me lead off by saying that we are longtime fans of Miyagi in McLean, VA.   In my humble opinion, it ranks among the best sushi in the area and my husband loves their cooked entrees.  However, after the experience with our son the other night, I would have a hard time recommending it to anyone with food allergies.


Japanese food is typically a great cuisine for those enjoying a nut-free, dairy-free diet.  We’ve long enjoyed carefully broadening our children’s culinary horizons with a great selection of delicious dishes.  That said, Miyagi disappointed the other night.  We ordered my food allergic son chicken teriyaki – hold the sesame seeds.   We explained that his food cannot come in contact with sesame seeds because he has a severe allergy to them.  We made it clear: he gets sick;  NO sesame seeds.  Our server nodded, wrote something down and headed straight for the kitchen.  Ten minutes later, our waitress returned with his food.  Plain chicken, steamed vegetables as requested with a garnish of marinated sprouts which she pointed to and said, “Don’t let him eat this.  This sit in sesame seeds.”


We requested the kitchen make him a new meal on a new plate without the sprouts.  My son, being my son, mostly ate the steamed rice anyway.  But….


Well, so much for getting that concept!  I think Miyagi’s food is delicious and it’s ambiance quaint.  It’s a very small space and there are, at most, three servers – the head one of which definitely didn’t understand the concept of a food allergy.  We’ll return here to eat ….alone for date night when allergies aren’t a consideration.


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