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The Daily Grill: Up on Allergies! February 7, 2011

I had a great experience at the Daily Grill yesterday.  While waiting with my already hungry kids for our lunch table, I decided to take the time to ask our necessary allergy-related questions. After speaking to the manager, I was convinced that the Daily Grill really knew their stuff.


Daily Grill's GF Menu

The Skinny:

  • Frying oil: Cottonseed


  • Meal preparation process: separate pan with separate cooking utensils



  • They have a gluten-free menu that includes several items in each menu category from appetizers to dessert.  The manager mentioned that if we ordered from the gluten-free menu that it would ensure the meal was prepared in a separate part of the kitchen to further prevent cross-contamination.  [See the complete menu at]


  • The waiter had already been alerted that we were dealing with food allergies by the time he arrived at the table.  He made a note of who at our table had the allergy and of our restrictions so he could relay them to the kitchen.


I appreciated the extra care they took regarding my son’s meal.  And, everything came out exactly as we had requested.  Kudos to the Daily Grill for being prepared, knowledgeable and concerned about food allergies.


The Daily Grill has dozens of locations throughout the country.  Check for one near you: It’s worth the trip!


One Response to “The Daily Grill: Up on Allergies!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I never knew that Daily Grill had a Gluten Free menu. Very interesting. I will have to pass the info. to my gluten sensitive brother-in-law!!

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