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Jason’s Deli – A Healthy Habit I Could Get Into! March 14, 2011

Jason’s Deli, located locally in Tyson’s Corner, Fairfax and ALL over the country, has a simple philosophy.  Keep it healthy and delicious.  We ate lunch at Jason’s for the first time this weekend.  I had heard rave reviews and even so it exceeded my expectations.  And, while the philosophy may be simple their menu is extensive!  Jason’s Deli serves soups, salads and sandwiches, as well as baked potatoes with every kind of topping imaginable, po’boys, and desserts.  Plus there’s FREE ice cream.  That’s right: free.


Many of their ingredients are organic and all are nitrite-, artificial color- and dye-free.  Jason’s Deli long ago eliminated high fructose corn syrup as well as trans-fat from their food — and you’ll never miss it!


The menu appears to be highly customizable – which is how we ordered for my food allergic older son and my picky eater younger one.  And, they offer a gluten-free menu for those avoiding wheat and gluten products.  Jason’s Deli handled our allergy requests with ease and took our concerns seriously from the register to the table service.


NB: their organic lollipops, located at the registers, are dairy, egg, soy, tree nut and peanut-free (  It seems like just a small thing — unless you’re on line with a 3 year old!

Jason’s Deli Menu

Jason’s Deli Gluten-Free Menu

Jason’s Deli Allergen Info


One Response to “Jason’s Deli – A Healthy Habit I Could Get Into!”

  1. Kari Says:

    I know this entry is old, so maybe the menu has changed. There were very few things my peanut, tree nut, egg allergic child could have. We rarely order from the kids menu because she likes to eat what we eat. Everything either had eggs or nuts. Since they don’t list ingredients,we didn’t know if it was a condiment we could leave off. Maybe some menu items were egg or nut free, but there wasn’t a sandwhich that was free of both. Before my daughter was diagnosed we ate their a few times, so I was sad we had to stop. I do love the food. The staff wasn’t very helpful either. I think we had one option of bread which was a wrap style and that was it.

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