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St. Patricks Day: Go Buy Your Corned Beef! March 15, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner.  And, if you’re like me, you might see it as another GREAT excuse to make Corned Beef.  Mmmmmmm…..


But, before you go:  you should know that sometimes corned beef is made with beer.  And, beer often contains wheat/gluten.  So, if you’re making it from scratch be sure to use a gluten-free beer in your recipe.


If you’re buying prepared corned beef, you should know:

  • Read the ingredient list.  Even though it appears to simply be marinated beef, it may contain one or more of your allergens.
  • Whole Foods, Safeway, and other chain supermarkets carry an additive, MSG, nitrate-free variety.
  • Gluten-free, MSG-free varieties also exist – often found in local supermarkets, as was the case in our local Safeway.


And, while you’re at it, you might want to stock up on some rye bread (or make some Gluten-free “Ryeless” Bread) to enjoy the leftovers over the weekend!

5583874430_116b6dc0c6_b Flicker Larry Hoffman

photo credit: Larry Hoffman via Flickr (Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0))





One Response to “St. Patricks Day: Go Buy Your Corned Beef!”

  1. […] that means I’m thinking about my SPD meal.   In addition to our traditional corned beef (see Go Buy Your Corned Beef), I’m planning to try this easy, allergy-free dessert. […]

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