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Food Allergy Books for Young Children April 19, 2011

While waiting in our allergist’s office today, I noticed two great books geared towards offering young children an understanding of their food allergies that I wanted to share.

The first is called The BugaBees; Friends with Food Allergies,  a children’s curiosity and education award-winner.  The BugaBee friends encounter a variety of situations each of which conflict with one of their food allergies.  Each BugaBee learns to politely say, “No thanks” to a particular food explaining that they can have fun without it.  The rhymes are clever, the illustrations bright and captivating and it will be as relatable to a kid (like mine) who has multiple food allergies as it is to a child with only one.

Available online at, Barnes and Noble and other major retailers.

The other book is titled, Why Am I Different? by Naomi Antenucci.  This was particularly apropos today as my son was asking why he had food allergies and his friends didn’t – a question that inevitably arises from time to time from every food allergic child.   Simple stated and written for toddler through preschool age children, it helped my 6 year old recognize that everyone is different in one way or another and the book served as a good primer for my 3 year old.

Available for purchase through the FAAN website.



(Thank you in advance! A portion of the proceeds of the affiliate links go toward – an organization aimed at helping at risk families with food allergies.)


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