Allergy Shmallergy

Simplifying life for families with food allergies.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail… April 21, 2011

Easter Sunday is just a few days away and I have good news for us adorable food allergic families!

Guess what?!  Peeps are allergy-free (including soy and gluten)!   Check it out:

Also, I checked with our wonderful allergist to see whether my son could participate and dye Easter eggs this year…  even though my son is still allergic to eggs.  The allergist assured me it would be safe for him to handle the shells of hardboiled eggs since they are made of calcium and do not contain the allergy-inducing egg protein he reacts to.   So, it looks like he can dress the eggs, he just can’t yet ingest the eggs.  Works for us!

Happy Easter everyone!


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