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Lost Dog Cafe April 25, 2011

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Most foodies might find it insulting that I have lived in the DC-area for almost 12 years now and never tried Lost Dog Cafe or its sister site the Stray Cat in Arlington.  It was nothing personal – just not on my gastronomical radar.  Thankfully, the Lost Dog opened up a second location in McLean and my radar started blipping.

The first time I ate at Lost dog was at lunch.  The ambiance was lively and fun and the location larger than expected.  Perusing their extensive selection of sandwiches and pizza, I almost got lost myself.  Plus, I noticed that they deliver and tucked away that information for future reference.  The second time we went was for dinner with a large crowd, half children.  The waitstaff was patient, pleasant and helpful and, again, our meal was delicious.
Here’s the skinny:

  • Their menu appears customizable since there are a wide variety of sandwiches made with every variation of cold cuts, breads, and toppings.


  • Lost Dog serves both gluten-free pizza and pasta.  Great news for me who just learned I need to try a gluten-free diet (again!) to see if there’s a connection to my migraines.


  • Their fries are fried in peanut oil.  And, they sell Route 66 chips up front that are made with peanut oil as well.  But, the helpful staff up front told me that they use different chips in the kitchen (dine-in vs. take out option?)  and we could ask to see if they were safe.   At a very minimum, the tortilla chips were safe for my peanut, tree nut-allergic child.


  • Their pizzas come in individual, small and large sizes.  Perfect for any sized crowd.  And, their crust is made without sesame seeds – an odd ingredient that gets added to crust every once and a while.


  • The best news of all is not great news if your allergic to dairy:  dessert.  Lost Dog serves milkshakes, malts, creamsicles and floats as well as three different kinds of brownie sundaes and an assortment of cakes, pies and cookies.  None of these options worked for us (as is typical), so we headed home for dessert.


Even without the dessert that I was pining for and a few allergy-unfriendly menu issues, we all left very satisfied and excited to return.


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