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Wild About Buffalo Wild Wings August 3, 2011

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I had always heard good things about Buffalo Wild Wings, but had never had the opportunity to try it.  A shame for anyone, but especially for someone married to a self-proclaimed wing conaisseur.

Arriving early for a kids’ matinee, we finally found ourselves right next to a B-Dubs, as it’s more commonly known.  We had time and were determined not to miss the chance to try it out.  But would it be allergy-friendly?!

Upon asking the hostess about food allergies, a manager was immediately called to the scene arriving with a print out of all of their menu items in an allergen list [also available at].  This food allergy chart shows the presence (or often absence) of Dairy, Egg, Shellfish/Fish, Corn, Wheat, Soy, Gluten, Sulfites, MSG, Peanuts, and Tree Nuts and notes were made for the presence of Sesame Seeds on their menu.

[For the record, Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t appear to have any menu items that contain peanuts or tree nuts.  A big relief for most parents and FA individuals.]

Rather than ask about the dishes that were most likely to allergy-friendly, this list surprised us with items we might not have considered.  The manager continued to be very helpful while we ordered and checked in again after the food arrived.

And, by the way, the wings lived up to the hype.  We’ll definitely be going back.


**Update:  Please read Comments section below if you are avoiding gluten.  A reader investigated whether gluten was fried in a separate fryer…  answer below. **


3 Responses to “Wild About Buffalo Wild Wings”

  1. Jen Says:

    I have had similar awesome experiences! Isn’t it great to feel “normal” when eating out??

  2. Scott Says:

    Buffalo Wild Wings has an allergen menu clearly showing which menu items contain gluten. I had been told that they use separate fryers for items that contain gluten. Well, today I learned that this is definitely NOT the case. After hearing the full story from one BWW manager, I called the Newark restaurant and confirmed this. Not sure what your allergy is, but be advised – they cook all items in the same fryer so folks with a gluten allergy need to avoid Buffalo Wild Wings. (Note: They did indicate that the naked tenders and salad are safe, and could probably bake the wings if you asked. But the standard fare is all off-limits for gluten).

    • malawer Says:

      That is really disappointing! And, how irresponsible was it to assure you that a separate fryer is used when, in fact, it isn’t?! I hope they were apologetic! Luckily we don’t avoid gluten (feels like everything but…), however this is important for others to know. If you don’t mind, I’ll edit my post to mention this upfront. Thanks so much for alerting me!

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