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Expired EpiPens? EpiPhany! October 21, 2011

After being inspired to clean out some spaces in my house that haven’t received much attention recently, I amazingly stumbled upon a large stash of expired EpiPens.  I was holding on to them with the thought that they might be useful in some way or in need of special disposal, but instead they simply sat in the back of a closet.


Suddenly I had an epiphany (an EpiPhany if you will).   Instead of throwing them out, I brought the EpiPens into our school nurse to help train other teachers, assistants, interns and substitutes on the administration of an EpiPen.  More than 15% of food allergic children experience a food allergy reaction while at school.  Given that statistic, emergency training with real EpiPens is only to everyone’s benefit (not least of which is my own son).


So, consider donating your expired EpiPens to your local school, preschool, camp or daycare facility and spread the word to any allergic adults you may know.  Our nurse was excited to use our old EpiPens and to store our old trainers for faculty food allergy training and I felt great putting them all to good use.


4 Responses to “Expired EpiPens? EpiPhany!”

  1. I’m so glad you posted this! We also donate to the schools for the nurse to train teachers especially usefl for when the nurse stays behind on school trips.

  2. Kay Says:

    We actually did the same thing and the district nurse said “no way”. Using live medication/needles for training can be a huge liability – what happens if someone accidentally injects their own thumb? One of our SG members is an EMT and she got a waiver specifically to use live EpiPens in training for her unit. We will have another expired EpiPen drive soon for that purpose.

    • malawer Says:

      Too bad the nurse nixed the idea. I understand the liability, but someone misusing an EpiPen is all the more reason to conduct regular training with trainers or otherwise. Great idea to donate to EMTs! Perhaps our next batch will go there.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    That’s a great idea! Just be sure to never throw them out. If donating to a school or other organization is not an option, always take them back to the pharmacy for safe recycling.

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