Allergy Shmallergy

Simplifying life for families with food allergies.

The Flagler Steakhouse December 21, 2011

We just finished one of the best lunches I’ve had in quite a while at The Flagler Steakhouse, located on the grounds of the Breakers golf course.   Sitting outside, overlooking the egrets wading in the reeds of the pond was relaxing enough.  But it was even more relaxing discovering we were in such capable food allergy hands with the chefs and waitstaff there.

  • The staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating.  Willing to think with me to work around any potential allergens.
  • As usual, I checked on their fry oil (canola).  But when they returned with my son’s meals, there were no fries.  That’s because they were double checking its safety and a manager had felt they might not be allergen-free.  The server and manager both checked with the chef who assured them the fries would be safe and were thus being prepared a few minutes behind schedule.  This whole debate was unbeknownst to me – and, I’m always thankful for people who are looking out for my kids.
  • The kids’ meals come with this fantastic M&M sundae.  But since we don’t eat dairy, they were happy to substitute it for an enormous amount of fresh sorbet with berries (sans candy).  My son was thrilled.

Everyone’s meals were nothing short of fabulous (I should know, I tried almost all of them!).  And I was so appreciative of the well-informed staff as they handled our allergy situation that I plan on going back before we leave Palm Beach!


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