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A Review of Milk Substitutes December 29, 2011

If you missed the October 2011 Cooking Light issue, you may have missed some important information.  They ran an article breaking down a variety of milk substitutes and how they faired in baking recipes.  The folks at the magazine tested each substitute by inserting them into chocolate pudding and blueberry quick bread recipes  — I’m guessing at a 1 for 1 ratio — and evaluating the results.


In short, it looks like the testers at Cooking Light felt that soy milk was their best substitute for baking. (Thank goodness — something readily available!)


Read the full run-down at Meet the Milk Substitutes, Cooking Light, October 2011.


Milk Subsitute Varieties


One Response to “A Review of Milk Substitutes”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Loved reading their review. However, we’ve experimented with most those milks and haven’t had the trouble the mentioned. But, I’m sure doing a side by side taste test would really make the differences in flavors and textures much more obvious. I was disappointed they didn’t mention the flavor of milk they used. For baking anything goes really, but if you are making a savory dish, it’s so important to use unsweetened varieties rather than the original flavors which usually have added sugars.

    Really cool that the magazine is shedding light on alternatives milks!

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