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Look What I Found at the Market: Dare Foods – Peanut-free and Progressive! January 11, 2012

I am forever on the look-out for a Marshmallow cookie that is not only nut but also dairy-free.  I grabbed every box in the aisle and while I didn’t find a milk-free Mallomar, I stumbled upon these cookies.


As it turns out: Dare cookies, as well as many of their other products (such as crackers, etc) are made in a peanut-free facility. Yay!  And, they seem to label for, or the potential cross contamination of, sesame seeds and sulphites (which is not required by U.S. law – Thank you, Dare Foods!).


I plan to familiarize myself with their family of products.  Taking peanuts out of the picture?  Well, that’s certainly one less thing for us to think about!

Chocolate Chip


One Response to “Look What I Found at the Market: Dare Foods – Peanut-free and Progressive!”

  1. Shayla G. Says:

    We live in Canada, and love Dare products! They have a whole line of school safe/peanut-free items, like Bear Paws, Bear Paw minis, and their line of Simple Pleasures cookies. Being egg-free too, the chocolate simple pleasure cookies are my toddler’s favourites. One in each hand. You do have to read the labels though. The full-size bear paws, and their new bear paw filled cookies are NOT egg-free, so that doesn’t work for us. Bonus in the Simple Pleasures line… most are low fat and trans-fat free.

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