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Legal Sea Foods – Fish and Chipper about Food Allergies January 20, 2012

Legal Sea Foods

It had been forever since I’d eaten at Legal Sea Foods.  I couldn’t be happier that my nephew chose to ring in his birthday here —  our meals were great, there were so many choices for my food allergic son he had to make a plan to come back, and they took great pains to ensure his dinner that night was allergen-free.  Although it had been off my radar for a while, Legal Sea Foods is now officially IN the rotation.


Here’s the skinny:

  • The staff as a whole was super-accomodating, answering every question we had about ingredients in many, many dishes.  My son loves seafood and wanted to try some new things which they were patient about investigating one at a time.
  • Legal Sea Foods were very willing to substitute allergen-filled sides with safe alternatives for my son, making the meal a balanced one.
  • They have a gluten-free menu which includes something from every category of their regular menu (soups, salads, main courses, desserts, etc) as well as a GF Children’s Menu.  Their GF Menu has an informative section demonstrating their understanding of gluten sensitivities, including a paragraph which states,

“All seafood and meat items will be prepared by the following methods: wood grilled, steamed, pan-seared, baked with gluten free crumbs, or fried in brown rice flour and cornmeal. All cookware and plateware will be pre-washed and wiped dry before cooking and presentation.”

  • Legal Sea Foods has a policy whereby the allergic individual’s meal gets prepared first and the manager often serves it.  In our case, the waitress served but the manager came out to make sure everything turned out all right.
  • The bread was safe for my sesame seed-allergic son.  That’s a big one, so he was on cloud nine.
  • As it was my nephew’s 13th birthday and we absolutely HAD to have dessert.  In my scramble to get out of the house, I completely forgot to bring something for my food allergic son.  Agh!  I ran to my car and assembled some Pez, left over from a recent car trip.  It would have to do. Unless…..  Thankfully, Legal Sea Foods serves sorbet!  Amen !

Bottom line:  we fell for Legal Sea Foods’ commitment to food allergy-safety hook, line and sinker.


4 Responses to “Legal Sea Foods – Fish and Chipper about Food Allergies”

  1. Michelle R. Says:

    Is your son still allergic to milk? My husband and I love Legal Seafood but nevert thought we’d be able to try with our son’s milk allergy.

    • malawer Says:

      My son IS still allergic to milk. Per his allergist, he can have milk that is baked into baked goods like bread, crackers, cakes, and cookies. **As with everything new, be sure to discuss your son’s allergies vis-a-vis baked dairy with your allergist.** Legal Sea Foods have a lot of grilled options. We were sure to point out that nothing on his plate could have butter, cheese, etc. And, they were extremely accommodating. They seem very on-the-ball allergy-wise.

      • Michelle R Says:

        That’s awesome. My son will be getting the new blood test to see if he is eligible to try the baked milk challenge. I hope he passes.Maybe if he does we will give Legal Seafood a try. Glad your son had a good experience at the restaurant!

  2. Michelle Says:

    That’s awesome!!! Good to know! Xxoo

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