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Get Ready: International Ice Cream For Breakfast Day is Coming! January 27, 2012

I’m ready!  (Cue royal trumpeters and drum roll….) International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is February 4th, 2o12.  (Need an introduction to the holiday?  See ICFBD…Read On, And Your Plans for Feb. 5th Will Surely Change)  We already know how we’re observing this important holiday.  In case you’re allergic to dairy and don’t know how YOU’RE celebrating, you may wish to consider one of the following restaurants which serve **sorbet**:


La Sandia: Surprised and delighted  to find a daily selection of sorbet on a Mexican restaurant menu.

The Capital Grille:  They even offered to add some mixed berries to my son’s scoop.

Clydes:  I was thrilled to discover Haagen Dazs sorbet on their menu.  (Read: Crazy About Clyde’s Food Allergy Safety Program to understand why Clyde’s is on our go-to list for food allergies.)

Sweet Leaf:  Mentioned in last year’s post.  While chatting one night over delicious sorbet, the owner told me how her now-grown son was dairy intolerant as a child.  Nice to know…

Legal Sea Foods:  While not on the kids’ menu, the seafood chain does serve sorbet from their regular menu.

Chef Geoff’s:  A choice of sorbet along with a gluten-free menu.  Bonus!

Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza:  (See post:  New Haven Has Arrived in Virginia)

The Dairy Godmother in Alexandria serves sorbets in fresh and interesting flavors such as lemon lavender, apple cider, and balsamic strawberry.

Yogi Castle, throughout the DC metro area, specializes in frozen yogurt. But they also serve a variety of sorbet!


My kids couldn’t have been more excited for ICBFD.   They were so excited, they were practically bouncing around – and that was BEFORE the sorbet was introduced!  This year, we’re planning an ice cream sundae bar buffet for family and friends.  I CANNOT wait!


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