Allergy Shmallergy

Simplifying life for families with food allergies.

Spring Break travel March 3, 2012

If you can’t make it to Dubai this spring break (Danke, Dubai!), but are headed out of town with food allergies, you may want to consider one of these food allergy-friendly establishments:
  • The Kimpton Hotel chain has begun carrying gluten-free items, including pretzels which some of its locations stock in the mini-bar.
  • We already know about Fairmont’s Lifestyle Cuisine menus for guests with dietary preferences.  Now, they’ve begun offering kid’s size portions!
  • The Ritz Carlton and Marriott hotels at large have started noting gluten-free menu items.
  • Omni Hotels and Resorts are offering a gluten-free breakfast buffet section.
  • The Disney properties are notoriously food allergy-friendly, walking guests through buffet lines and guiding them through menus to ensure safe selections.  Call ahead and notify of your allergies.
For more suggestions, see Spring Break Bound.  And, bon voyage!

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