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Gluten-Free (and Other Safe Concessions) at Nationals Park March 28, 2012

Play Ball!  Today is opening day of major league baseball!


Did you know that Nationals’ Park in Washington, DC has identified what concession items are gluten-free at their stadium?!  Well, doesn’t that make dining easier?!


FYI, they also identify vegetarian and healthier food options on their website.   This helps those of us avoiding other allergens to reliably find safe food.  For example, it lists where to find whole fruit, grilled vegetable wraps, fruit and vegetable cups.

  • Gluten Free (Section 136)

    • Hot Dog
    • Chili Cheese Dog
    • Nachos
    • Loaded Nachos
    • Carmel & Cheddar Popcorn
    • Olive & Sweet Potato Chips
    • Beer
  • Curly W Pretzels (Sections 105 and 319)

    • Soft Pretzels

4 Responses to “Gluten-Free (and Other Safe Concessions) at Nationals Park”

  1. Mary Roberts Says:

    Do you know anything about Blue Smoke and whether or not they are allergy friendly? The one in NYC is, but I’ve had the hardest time getting anyone to respond to me about Shake Shack and Blue Smoke in DC.

    In fact, you know what I would LOVE to see is an allergy-friendly itinerary for a family trip to DC. I know you can’t trust all restaurants all the time, but surely there are some restaurants we could count on enough to use them in a map or chart of a few days in DC and how to eat safely.

    Kind of like a zone by zone list (maybe interactive) covering the Mall, Georgetown, Convention Center area, Nationals Park area, etc. You up to the challenge? Think we could work with Allergy Eats to try something like this?

    • malawer Says:


      What a great idea! I’ll look into that!

      As for Blue Smoke and Shake Shack, I do not currently have information from them. I will try to investigate, but if you get an answer before I do, feel free to write me and I’d be happy to share it here.



  2. s Says:

    Do you know where to find an allergy list for the concessions??? I have a son who wants to go but needs to avoid foods with nuts or processed with nuts… Cannot find that info anywhere!!! CRAZY Thanks for any help you can give!!!

    • malawer Says:

      There was a list posted at the stadium itself. But I’ll investigate and post if I can find the info. Wish they would make the same information more readily available!

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