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The Nut-Free Easter Bunny April 5, 2012

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I’m dropping the Easter Bunny a note to suggest he acquire his chocolate bunnies and other goodies from the following allergy-free sources for our family:


Divvies makes nut, peanut, milk, egg, and gluten-free jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and ADORABLE chocolate bags (below):


And, if you’re only avoiding nuts and peanuts, try Vermont Nut-Free Chocolates makes nut and peanut-free Easter Bunnies which I understand taste rich and creamy.


Anyone else have a nut-free bunny recommendation?



One Response to “The Nut-Free Easter Bunny”

  1. Melissa Pearson Says:

    Buy our treats for all holidays from Guardian Angel foods in Montreal. Thee chocolate tasting box is beautiful and delicious!!! I will never forget my daughters first Easter with a real chocolate bunny… Priceless!

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