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Peanuts and Tree Nuts 101 – Required Course! May 29, 2012

Recent studies, one in particular from Ohio State, show that about half of people with nut allergies cannot identify the nuts that they are allergic to when shown a variety of samples.  Just under 2% of those surveyed could identify all 19 samples. Oh boy!


I’ve always pointed out what peanuts look like to my food allergic son, so that he could become familiar enough to avoid them.  But I hadn’t considered showing him what they look like chopped up in a cookie, for example.  And, I only just started teaching him about all the other tree nuts.  Now, I’ve begun teaching BOTH my sons about all the nuts my older one is allergic to so that they can be on the look out.  It’s already paid dividends as my older son found a chopped peanut in his sorbet (likely from the toppings bar… grrrrr!) and my younger one found a shelled peanut in our yard (probably from a neighbor’s squirrel feeder).


Here’s a few photos to print out and get you started:




Photo by Aney via WikiMedia







almonds-1740176_1920 pixabaymacaroons-2178371_1920 pixabay














Macadamia Nuts


Brazil Nuts


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