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A Call to Hostess Customer Service Regarding Dairy Allergies… August 9, 2012

My son is in an in-between phase of his dairy allergy.  He is allergic to raw milk products, but can now tolerate baked milk such as you might find in baked goods.


Contemplating fun food items to stick in my son’s lunch or use as a safe substitute for all those in-class parties, I grabbed a box of Twinkies at the market the other day.  It’s possible, I thought, that the cream inside might not contain milk – much like Oreos.  No peanuts! No nuts!  No sesame seeds!  But milk was listed as an ingredient and the list was not separated into cake/filling so there was no way to determine if it was a safe possibility without a phone call to Hostess.


I called and got a customer service representative on the phone.  She was quick to put me on hold once I explained that I wanted to find out if their snacks would be safe for my son, wondering if there was cream in the filling.  The Hostess Snack Company rep came back to let me know that they couldn’t disclose that information.  Let’s face it: it’s not that Hostess cannot disclose the information, it’s that they are choosing not to disclose it which I  find to be unnecessary and unhelpful when dealing with such a serious issue.  The customer service rep finished by advising anyone with a milk sensitivity against consuming any Hostess Brand  products.  This is such an unfortunate response.  It struck me as insensitive and dismissive of my concerns and the broader concerns of parents of food allergic kids.


“[Hostess,] You could’ve given us help, but you’ve given us so much m0re.”  (Bill Murray in “Quick Change”) Like a reason to buy another snack from another company.


One Response to “A Call to Hostess Customer Service Regarding Dairy Allergies…”

  1. That’s frustrating! Sorry you didn’t have a better experience with them. When I’m feeling down about my son’s allergies, I try to think about how it’s making our family eat healthier, more wholesome foods. So maybe think of it this way!

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