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Subway and Food Allergies – Especially Good News for Sesame Seed Allergy April 14, 2013

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I love it when a restaurant chain understands food allergies.  And I love it even more when they help busy parents plan ahead by making that information accessible.  In Subway’s case, they not only list their allergen ingredients, but they also separate it out into DOES CONTAIN, MAY CONTAIN, and SOYBEAN OIL (versus soy or other soy derivatives) and MAY COME IN CONTACT WITH categories to allow patrons to make informed decisions.


Not to rave on, but whereas most restaurant chains who list their allergen ingredients (among the few who do this at all) only list the top few common food allergies (typically peanut, tree nut, dairy, wheat, and/or egg).  Subway goes the extra mile to include shellfish, soy, autolyzed yeast/hydrolyzed protein, and sesame seeds and even included a column for sulfites and nitrites which helps us migraine sufferers and health conscience dieters makes healthier, happier choices.


For our family, having sesame seed identified throughout the menu is a big deal.  Far too few restaurant owners and workers understand how to or why they are looking for sesame seeds in bread or in a dish.  While Subway does still serve a few things which include sesame seeds, it looks like all of their bread products are not only tree nut and peanut, but also sesame seed-free!  For those of us dealing with that allergy, you know what a thrill it is to eat bread safely at a restaurant.


Check out the menu for yourself and get yourself to a Subway.  I will be keeping their allergen menu handy for our next stop!


3 Responses to “Subway and Food Allergies – Especially Good News for Sesame Seed Allergy”

  1. Mrs K. Says:

    This is great to know that sesame seeds are not in Subways breads. However does Subway use Sesame OIL in their breads. This would be a concern for someone with a sesame allergy.

    • malawer Says:

      Thanks for your comment. We originally investigated Subway’s ingredients because my own son has a sesame seed allergy. If Subway used sesame seed oil, they would be required to list it in their allergen menu under sesame. Thankfully, it appears they do not use it, so we can all enjoy their bread.

  2. CarrieS Says:

    Subway is incredibly dangerous if you have a peanut allergy because they sell peanut butter cookies and do not change their gloves after handling the cookies. Everything in the bins should be considered to be cross-contaminated. I agree that their labeling is excellent, but their actual food handling processes are not.

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