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Let’s Get Grilling: Sesame-free Hamburger Buns April 29, 2013

I was at the market today and, in preparation for a spring and summer full of barbecuing, I scanned the bread aisle for buns. Specifically hamburger buns. Frustratingly, when manufacturers aren’t putting sesame seeds ON their buns, they’re adding them in as an ingredient. I, personally, can’t taste the difference. So it only serves to drive us crazy in our quest to find safe hamburger buns for my sesame seed-allergic little guy.

When we’re out at a restaurant or a BBQ, we always ask about the hamburger buns’ ingredients. Often times, if I KNOW my son will order a burger, I’ll bring a bun from home. That is, when we can find a safe brand. To shorten your search, here are a few I found at our local Safeway. Please add to the list if you’ve come across any others!

All this thinking about burgers is making me hungry!





6 Responses to “Let’s Get Grilling: Sesame-free Hamburger Buns”

  1. Elyse Wexler Says:

    So are you saying that these buns are free of sesame cross contamination too? That would be great if it is true! Thanks in advance, Elyse

    • malawer Says:

      I just wanted to highlight the products that had great potential. Because food allergies and allergists’ guidance are so individualized, I recommend that everyone fact-check anything they are uncomfortable with.

      That said, a promising start! Thanks for bringing this up!


  2. jennifer Says:

    These comments reminded me that I had a question about managing sesame allergy risk. My young daughter has a severe sesame allergy and we live in the UK, where many manufacturers provide cross-contamination labelling (it’s not the law, but is currently recommended). EU rules also include sesame as a main allergen. I gather that the FDA doesn’t consider sesame a main allergen, nor does it require or even suggest cross-contamination labelling (not that it would matter, if sesame is not a main allergen). How do you manage the risk? We would travel to the US but I’m not sure how we’d find groceries or restaurant food that would be ok for her. Thanks so much.

    • malawer Says:


      The U.S. labeling laws are a little confusing. While they are not required to highlight sesame seeds in any way, they must still list all ingredients contained in their products. We’ve had no cross reactions with sesame seeds.

      I would first speak to your allergist to get some travel advice specific to your case. And, familiarize yourself with the US labeling laws:

      And, consider avoiding restaurants whose cuisine is naturally laden with sesame seeds (Chinese, Korean, Thai, etc) and opting for those who are a little more tuned in allergy-wise.

      That said, I understand your concerns. Rest assured that there’s a way around everything with food allergies and that a growing number of restaurants are paying closer attention to allergy concerns. But it doesn’t hurt to be prepared! Good luck!

      • Jennifer Says:

        Thanks so much, that’s really helpful. We certainly avoid all of those restaurants, and your various posts about allergy-friendly restaurants around the U.S. will be terrific when we do come over. If you ever need any info on how it all works, and allergy-friendly restaurants, in the EU, and particularly England, please let me know. The laws here are also confusing, but manufacturers are generally helpful.

  3. […]   If the only way to celebrate being American is through Apple Pie, then try these two allergy-friendly pie crust recipes: Dairy-Free Pie Crust from Whole Foods Gluten-Free Pie Crust from Serious Eats Plus, Pillsbury (and others) sell a pre-made gluten free version…     And, of course, be sure to ask and double check packaging for all hot dog and hamburger buns if you’re allergic to sesame seeds.  For some reason, those little buggers are in everything!  Here are a few brands we’ve had luck with: Allergy Shmallergy:  Let’s Get Grilling:  Sesame Seed-Free Hamburger Buns […]

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