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Auvi-Q vs. EpiPen: Which Is Best For You? October 4, 2013

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As most of you are aware, there are many different types of epinephrine auto-injectors available these days.  Up until recently, EpiPens ruled the marketplace.  But recently, a new product, Auvi-Q, has been getting a lot of buzz.


So, if you’re asked which one you’d like to be prescribed, as I recently was by our allergist, which will you choose?


Here are the pros and cons to both as I see it:



  • Because they dominated the market for so long, EpiPens are recognizable.  In an emergency, that might mean someone who does not have food allergies may know to look for one and may be familiar with what to do with it.
  • They are larger (especially because you’re carrying two of them), ensuring that they are easy to find in a purse or sports bag when seconds count.
  • EpiPens have been in use for a long time, making them tried and tested.
  • Because they are large, EpiPens are hard for men to carry.
  • In a panic, you have to either remember your injection instructions or read them on the outside of the pen itself – something that someone who is frazzled may have trouble concentrating on.


  • There’s no doubt about it, Auvi-Q is sleek and small.  This is likely appealing to teenagers who may be tempted to leave their epinephrine at home.
  • It instructs you!  So, even if you’ve never touched an auto-injector before, chances are you could properly administer epinephrine using the Auvi-Q.
  • It fits in your pocket.  I think this will be very helpful to both adolescents and men.  Women carry bags, so no matter the size of the auto-injector, it likely fits.  But men… well, the “Murse” doesn’t look like it’s really catching on.  Dads can stick the Auvi-Q in their pocket while they’re out on the town with the kids.  My own husband is planning to leave it in his pocket when he coaches my son’s baseball team this weekend.
  • The Auvi-Q is about the size of a cell phone.  Again, this makes it convenient for a pocket, but less so for locating it in a large purse.

So, what do I decide to do?  Well, I chose both!  I want my babysitters and other visitors to my house to have the emergency instinct to go for what they know:  the EpiPens.  But, I love the convenience of carrying the Auvi-Q for my husband, in particular, ensuring that my son’s emergency meds are always on-hand.


Both Auvi-Q and EpiPens have a solid place in the marketplace.  Both administer epinephrine which saves lives!


Which one did you choose?


9 Responses to “Auvi-Q vs. EpiPen: Which Is Best For You?”

  1. AMJ Says:

    We have both, mostly for the reasons you stated. The Auvi-Q came in very handy when traveling. My daughter was able to carry it herself in a cute fanny pack while we were at Universal Studios Orlando (no bags are allowed on certain rides, but small fanny packs were okay) and it was easy to keep in the side pocket of our insulated cooler bag when we were at the beach this summer. Like you said, it’s also a little easier for dads to carry. However, at school and home we still have the epipens, especially this year with the zero copay card.

  2. Ellen Says:

    Thanks! This is really helpful! We still have the epipen, but as my son grows up I think we will switch to the Auvi-Q, at least for him, so it’s easier for him to carry.

  3. Chris Higgins Says:

    Thanks for the info, the Auvi-Q looks like a great alternative to the typical EpiPen. Along with being careful to avoid allergens and seeing a good doctor these seem great for emergencies. I visited New England Allergy and they have been great at helping my symptoms. Visit their site at

  4. […]  There’s no wrong answer when it comes to choosing which auto-injector to use (see: Auvi-Q vs. EpiPen: Which Is Best for You?) .  And you can learn how to use them here:  Familiarize or Refamiliarize Yourself With How to […]

  5. lisa miele Says:

    why is the cost so high ? I need 3 a year they only sell 2 per package and the cost is very high. of course
    I have to have it . but how can I get a break?

    • malawer Says:

      I’m not sure why the cost of epinephrine is so high at present. But I encourage everyone to take advantage of the incentives that both the makers of EpiPen and Auvi-Q are running right now. Until the end if the year, they are offering epinephrine auto injectors with NO co-pay. Visit their websites for details.

  6. Rebecca Says:

    Any idea where you can obtain Auvi-Q training devices??? Anyone have any that they no longer use that they’d be willing to pass along? I regularly train individuals in CPR and First Aid and am getting more and more requests for Auvi-Q training devices because kids in our programs now have them. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to locate any training devices for sale unlike Epi-Pen trainers that are readily available. Thanks!

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