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Thankful November 24, 2013

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There’s so much to be grateful for.  It’s something I appreciate and cherish throughout the year as special moments present themselves.  Recently, my son and I had one such moment:


My alma mater hosts a service day each year in November.  This year, my oldest son and I volunteered our time at a nearby food assistance center.  There, we packed crate after crate after crate of canned food for families in need.  The mood at the food bank was jovial and task-oriented, making our time not only fun but also very productive.  And, he and I had a great time being together while we helped other families – perhaps some like ours.


While there were many cans of vegetables and soup, long life condensed milk, and peanut butter, there wasn’t much hearty food for those who might have food allergies.  Let me say that more directly:  there wasn’t ANY food for those with food allergies aside from canned vegetables and fruit.   Certainly, not enough to make a meal from if there was such a need.


Peanut butter is a protein staple for the food insecure. Breakfast foods are sorely lacking in food pantries.  Inexpensive pasta makes for a filling base for a meal… unless you’re allergic to wheat.


Let’s change that by supporting fellow food allergic families! Please consider buying and donating one of the following which could so greatly help a food insecure family living with food allergies:

  • Nut-free spreads (such as Sunbutter, Soynut Butter, etc)
  • Shelf-stable rice or soy milk
  • Corn or rice-based breakfast cereal
  • Gluten-free pasta or a box or rice

Please donate what you can.  And, thank you!

*Please note, I am not endorsing any particular brand and am not sponsored by any of the above brands.  These are given purely as an example of the products you might find in your local supermarket. *


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  1. […] and I have volunteered at a food assistance center in our area.  As I detail in my original post, Thankful (Nov. 2013), my eldest son – who is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds and dairy – took […]

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