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Flying with Food Allergies March 20, 2014

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Spring Break is just around the corner (yes, it IS possible that this interminable winter might ACTUALLY turn into spring someday).  While you’re planning your trip, consider these few extra steps before you fly.  There’s nothing that sets the tone of a vacation better than a stress-free (reaction-free!) flight.


1.  Check  your airline’s allergy policy, often found on their websites.  Just understanding how your airline views allergies, will help set your expectations.


2.  While airlines can make some accommodations, they often don’t have the time constraints and resources to fully sanitize your seats/the cabin.  So, consider booking the first flight of the day, if that’s possible.  The plane will have been cleaned overnight.  You’ll have peace of mind – plus, you’ll arrive at your destination early!


3.  Most airlines won’t guarantee a nut-free cabin, but they may make an announcement on your behalf.  So be sure to alert both the airline when you book and a reservation agent/flight attendant when you check-in/board the plane.


4.  Bring baby wipes on-board to wipe down your food allergic child’s seat, seat belt and tray table.  Place your food allergic child by the window (with a family member in the middle) to create a buffer with a stranger on the aisle.


5.  Carry your emergency medication as well as Benadryl on you (not packed away in your suitcase) at all times.


6.   Bring your favorite snack/meal on-board.  Let’s face it:  you’re not missing out on the questionable airline food no matter WHAT they’re serving.  Your meal will be both tastier AND safer.


7.   Speak up!  Let strangers you may be sitting with know you have a food allergy.  And, by all means, TELL someone if you’re experiencing a reaction while in the air!


Now, go!  And, have fun!

(Let us know if you stumble across any great allergy-friendly places on your journey!)


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