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Spring Cleaning: How to Properly Dispose of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors May 19, 2014

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I’m deep into spring cleaning (yes, right before the onset of summer) and have a stockpile of expired EpiPens and Auvi-Qs to get rid of.  But what should you do with them?


1.  Keep the auto-injectors in their protective cases.  Even if you’ve used them, return them to their cases to safeguard anyone who may handle them after that.


2.  Do not throw epinephrine auto-injectors in the trash.  Since they contain needles, that may be considered a “medical sharp” which poses a safety hazard to sanitation workers and the environment.


3.  So where should they go?

  • The best place to bring them is to your nearest hospital or doctor’s office where they likely have proper medical sharp disposal.
  • Another great place to try is your local pharmacy.  Call ahead to see if they participate in a medical waste disposal program and specifically ask about medical sharps.
  • Many towns and cities host Household Hazardous Waste collection drives.  Call your local government to find out when a drive will run near you and, again, ask specifically about medical sharps.  Our local collection could not accept them but each town has different capabilities.

I think I’m going to set mine aside until I take my son for his regular check up at our allergist’s office.   With a toddler in tow, I’m all about making the fewest stops these days!


It’s Food Allergy Awareness Week! May 12, 2014

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May 11-17th is Food Allergy Awareness Week!    For those of us who are Food Allergy parents, it feels like we raise awareness about food allergies everyday, doesn’t it?!  But by joining forces with parents, patients, and food allergy organizations from around the world, we can gain attention from key decision-makers and continue to educate our communities.


So, what can you do to raise awareness?   Here are a few examples:

  • Use this week to sign up for a Food Allergy Walk in your area.



  • Share your food allergy story with your local congressman and urge them to support laws that encourage access to emergency epinephrine, emergency medications, food labeling, etc.


Share what you’re doing for Food Allergy Awareness this week with me on Twitter using @shmallergy #FAAwareness.   I look forward to hearing from you!




Happy Mother’s Day May 11, 2014

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Just wanted to say a quick Happy Mother’s Day to all my tireless, fabulous food allergy moms.

I hope you get a moment to relish in how much you are appreciated today!