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Play Ball! How to Root for Your Home Team With a Peanut Allergy June 12, 2015


Click on over to Content Checked to see my latest article about attending baseball games with food allergies.  There, I address the fears and realities of ballparks and peanut allergies specifically.
When my son was younger, we were shocked at how few options there were at stadium concession stands and how little people there knew about what they were serving.  When asked a question, they didn’t even know how to GET more information.  On more than one occasion, a leftover box of raisins bought us a little more time before mealtime meltdowns would begin.

But these days, stadiums are doing a lot better on behalf of their food allergic and celiac customers.  At our beloved Washington Nationals’ stadium (Go Nats!), there’s a whole concession stand dedicated to gluten-free eating (section 114 and it includes beer!).  Furthermore, stadiums are playing host to well-known restaurants and chains – making it much easier to ask questions or do a little research ahead of time.  The Nats have a Shake Shack, a chain whose allergen menu not only labels for the most common food allergens, but sesame seeds, sulfites and cross-contaminated products as well (see Shake Shack’s menu).  This makes it so much easier to eat safely and confidently at the ballpark.  What a difference from a few years ago!

If you are allergic to peanuts, take the precautions mentioned in my ContentChecked post to guarantee a home run experience.  If you have other food allergies, a little research before you get to the ballpark can go a LONG way in enjoying the big game.  But in either event, get out and root, root, root for the home team!


3 Responses to “Play Ball! How to Root for Your Home Team With a Peanut Allergy”

  1. Jennifer Callaghan Says:

    Thanks for this. We went to an As home game this week, and the people at the concession stand happily pulled out all their types of ice cream novelties so that I could check the labels (not that label reading solves all the problems, but it meant I could choose a manufacturer I knew, etc). Also, I spoke with Frito Lay the day before and asked (out of curiousity) if they were challenged by the increase in peanut allergies, for Cracker Jacks. The woman said that they have a number of peanut-free products, some of which are made in peanut-free facilties. My daughter does not have a peanut allergy so I didn’t get details but worth asking. For what it’s worth, she told me that regular Cracker Jack is sesame-free (including cross contamination risk). Play ball!

    • malawer Says:

      Jennifer, Thanks for the great info! I like your idea of calling manufacturers like Frito Lays prior to going to an event like a baseball game! I will follow up with them regarding their peanut-free products and post the results. Keep me in the loop on any other sesame-free treats you discover! Take care and thanks again!

  2. Steve Says:

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