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You’re Definitely Not Alone: More Celebrities with Food Allergies September 21, 2015

Living with food allergies can make you feel isolated.  But it doesn’t need to!  With 1 in 13 people living with food allergies, you needn’t look far to have someone who can relate.  Here are a few more celebrities, politicians and athletes with whom you may have more in common than you think.


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Malia Obama, daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama (peanuts)

Barbara Bush (peanuts)



Olympic Speed Skater, Sabine Voelker  (beef, pork, chicken)

Brian Matusz, pitcher Baltimore Orioles (peanuts)




Amanda Freitag, chef and judge on Chopped, competed on Iron Chef America  (hazelnuts)


TV Personalities:

Businesswoman, and maven of everything, Martha Stewart  (lobster)

Sports and political commentator, Keith Olbermann (celiac disease – wheat)

Supernanny, Jo Frost  (shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts)





Kerry Washington  (multiple food allergies) 

She revealed to E! News: ”Most people do not know about this but I carry an EpiPen with me almost everywhere I go because I have a lot of food allergies, like fatal food allergies, that if I eat these things, I could wind up dying in an emergency room somewhere. So I always have an EpiPen. It’s not sexy, but I’m being honest, I have an EpiPen in my bag.”


Busy Phillips  (soy, gluten)


Debra Messing  (multiple food allergies, seasonal allergies, avoids dairy)


Auggie Maturo, actor on “Girl Meets World” (peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and coconut)


Beverly Mitchell, actor on “7th Heaven” (eggs and dairy)

Kenton Duty, actor, singer, dancer  (chocolate, wheat, outgrown dairy)



Bill Hader; Formerly of SNL  (peanuts)

Steve Martin (shellfish)





Food Allergy Parents:

Actor, Steve Carell  (dairy)

President Barack Obama  (peanuts)

Clay Matthews  (peanuts)

Nina Garcia, judge of Project Runway and creative director of Marie Claire  (peanuts, tree nuts)

Senator Mark Warner of Virginia

Heather Locklear  (peanuts)President Barack Obama signs H.R. 2094, the School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act

Robert Kennedy, Jr  (peanuts)

Kym Whitley  (peanuts)

Holly Robinson Peete  (dairy, gluten)


For even more celebrities with food allergies, check out Just When You Felt Like The Only One With A Food Allergy.



Enjoy School with Enjoy Life September 11, 2015

This is a sponsored post.


It’s as if Enjoy Life read my mind.   I was just toying with trying a gluten-free diet (again) for health reasons – grappling with how to begin – when Enjoy Life contacted me to try out their new product line:  Pancake Mix, Pizza Dough, Muffin Mix, Brownie Mix and All-Purpose Flour Mix.  What better way to start a health kick than with easy to prepare mixes!  My son is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and sesame seeds and now must avoid dairy for EoE.   Enjoy Life’s new product line makes baking for our two different diets a breeze as all the mixes are not only gluten free, but dairy, nut and soy free as well.

These mixes will also make getting ready for school so much easier in my house.  Brownies can be sent in alongside a sandwich for a school lunch.  Pancakes can be made in one batch and frozen.  Pop them in the oven or microwave in the morning for a quick breakfast before your kids hit the bus.  Ditto for muffins!  Roll out some pizza dough, let your kids help you “decorate” the pizza and you have a safe and healthy weeknight dinner in under 20 minutes.

By chance, my kids and their cousins wanted to host a bake sale during their vacation together this summer.  The little entrepreneurs that they are, agreed on a high traffic time and convinced me to use our new mixes.  We made the Enjoy Life Brownies as well as two batches of Enjoy Life muffins: one with chocolate chips and one with blueberries and strawberries.  The bake sale turned out to be a fabulous idea in several ways!  Not only did we try samples, but so did half the island.  And, we got a chance to connect with families who otherwise can’t spontaneously partake in the fun of a bake sale (or a bakery for that matter).  In face, we learned that four of our neighbors are gluten free!  Plus, the kids decided to donate all their earnings to charity – which made for a very proud mama!

The results were unanimous!  Praises all around.  No one could believe the brownies were GF!  They didn’t taste dry or crumbly the way other GF mixes have tasted.  They were moist and filled with dairy free chocolate chips.  Next time I make them, I’m going to frost the top with dairy free frosting or drizzling it with dairy free caramel (yes, it’s a thing and I’ll blog about that later!).  Mmmm….

The muffins went so quickly, I didn’t even have time to taste the chocolate chip one.  But my neighbor did.  And, she sought me out later on the beach to rave about it!  She said she was craving more and asked if I could pass her the recipe.  Boy, was I pleased to simply pass along Enjoy Life’s name!  I DID manage to snag a slightly mangled berry muffin which was, again, moist and flavorful.

All the adults involved loved that these mixes are dairy free, soy free, nut free and gluten free – making them safe for nearly everyone.  Thank you to Enjoy Life for supplying us with these inclusive and delicious mixes.  My husband and I noticed how proud my son was to offer food that was safe for him to others.  And, even more proud when his customers beamed over how much they liked his products.

All in all, the kids donated over $100 to Alex’s Lemonade Stand.  My boys are already planning their bake sale offerings for next summer – which includes both the brownies and muffins.  And, we’re excited to continue experimenting with Enjoy Life’s mixes throughout the fall.