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Summer Chic and Simple Food Allergy Solutions July 22, 2016

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It’s hot out there! And, as you know, carrying epinephrine is tricky in warm weather. Here’s how I’m carrying my son’s epinephrine autoinjectors these days.


Because the heat is intense these days, be sure to pack your epinephrine in some kind of cooler when you’re outside. Ideally, epinephrine should be stored at 77 degrees F. (25° Celsius). But while you’re out and about, manufacturers recommend that epinephrine be kept between 59° and 86°F.


I recently found this cute, envelope shaped cooler bag in our local supermarket for under $5.   It’s stylish on its own (like a clutch!) and fits nicely in both my purse and pool bag.  A similar style can be found here:  Igloo Lunch Clutch.

I stick a lunch box sized cooler pack in the insulated cooler bag, throw in my Emergency On-The-Go Pack already stocked with my son’s autoinjectors (or wrap them in a kitchen towel) to keep them right around room temperature.  Sometimes, I’ll throw in a juice box (someone always wants one anyway) to create a buffer between the cooler pack and epinephrine.


Stylish AND safe!

Igloo Clutch with my Emergency On-The-Go Pack


Everything fits perfectly!




4 Responses to “Summer Chic and Simple Food Allergy Solutions”

  1. Lynne Darcy Says:

    Wow! You are not only bright and interesting, you’re stylish! Thanks for helping!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Hi! I can’t find the single-dose Benadryl anywhere. I thought those were discontinued…?

    • malawer Says:

      They are discontinued. (But I wish they weren’t!). This is an old one. A last resort type thing. I typically have regular Benadryl in the car and often in that cooler bag itself!

  3. I am the owner of TuffBags / I have personally carried epinephrine / now epipens for 36 years. I have designed, developed and tested 4 different insulated epipen cases in a variety of colors, with or without medical alert symbols, and with a nice variety of options to add. Thanks!

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