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As Seen On… February 23, 2012

White Papers:

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: Consensus report from the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) 2019 oral immunotherapy for food allergy summit.



Panels, Talks and Testimony:



Externally-Led Patient Focused Drug Development Meeting for the Food and Drug Administration (Sept. 2021) – Erin Malawer’s testimony

NextGen Drug Development Summit (July 2021)

Food Allergy Fund Summit DC (Nov. 2019) – Agents of Change panel

Food Allergy Fund Summit DC (Nov. 2019) – Bites of Wisdom, Erin Malawer

Food Allergy Fund Summit  NYC (April 2018) – Bites of Wisdom, Erin Malawer

Food and Drug Administration hearing on Peanut Allergy Treatment (AR101) (Sept. 2019) – Erin Malawer’s testimony beginning on page 219

European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), Patient Testimonial (Jan. 2019) – Erin Malawer – On Community



European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) – Patient Testimonial
Erin Malawer – On Community

screen shot 2019-01-29 at 1.46.53 pm

Spokin: Top 100 Women in Food Allergy


Radio & Podcasts:

CBS Radio:  The Deadly Dish (Sept. 30, 2016)


Podcast:  Jason K. Lee Allergist and Immunologist – S05E02 Interview with Erin Malawer  (February 2021)


Podcast: Eating at a Meeting – (August 2020)
podcast: Food Allergy: A Real World Perspective on What they are and what its like to live with the‪m‬ (August 2020)
article: Dispelling Food Allergy Myths and Dispensing the Facts (October 2020)


Podcast: The Whole Health Cure – Understanding Food Allergies (March 2020)


Podcast: A Lot to Learn with Austin Rogers – What are Food Allergies (with AllergyStrong founder Erin Malawer) (December 2019)


Podcast: Allergy Blog Awards UKAllergy Shmallergy Living Positively With Food Allergies


Television & Documentaries:

The Discovery Channel:  “An Emerging Epidemic:  Food Allergies in America” (September 2013)

An Emerging Epidemic: Food Allergies in America from Discovery Channel CME on Vimeo.

Nationwide: “FDA Temporarily Relaxes Food-Labeling Guidelines to Help Food Industry, Parents Worry About Kids with Allergies”


Fox 5 DC:

Video: Parents Fire Back After Kellogg Adds Peanut Flour to Crackers


Written article: Allergy Concerns Raised After Kellogg’s Adds Peanut Flour to Crackers (May 2016)

Fox 5 DC:  Teal Pumpkin Project for Food Allergy Awareness (October 2014)

Teal Pumpkin Project 

Online Media:


Agilience: Top Authority on Peanut Allergy

Allergy & Asthma Network, eNews:

Healthline News:  Why Parents Want All Ambulances to Carry EpiPens (Aug. 5, 2016)

The Bump: 18 Tasty Valentine Treats

Plate it Safe:  Enjoying the Holidays with Food Allergies (December 8, 2012)  Go Out for Date Night:  Babysitters and Food Allergic Kids (February 2012)

Circle of Moms:

Profile and Various Tidbits
10 Allergy-Safe Foods to Bring to a Party
7 Quick Breakfasts

Allergy Eats

Campus Safety: EpiPen Shortage in America Keeping Kids Out of School

SheKnows:   Keep Your Child’s Classroom a Safe One: Food Allergy Guide to Valentine’s Day Treats At School

The Creative Kitchen:


Canadian Jewish News:
Have An Allergy-Free Purim
Tips for an Allergy-Free Purim

The Dayton Jewish Observer: An Allergy-Free Purim

ParentMap:  Yesterday’s Mavens, Today’s Foodies: The Perfect Hannukah Gift


Print Media:

Contextual Contributor for:  ABC, CBS, Politico, Fox News

US Government: December Newsletter (December 2014)

Allergy and Asthma Network, Allergy & Asthma Today magazine:

1.Allergy & Asthma Today (Winter 2014, VOL 12, Issue 4)

2. Allergy & Asthma Today (“Thank You for Being a Friend”, Spring 2016, VOL 14, Issue 1)

3. “Thank You For Being a Friend”

4. Allergy & Asthma Today (“Sesame, the 9th Food Allergen?”, Summer 2016, VOL 14, Issue 2)

5. Allergy & Asthma Today (“The Ins and Outs of Reading Food Labels”, Fall 2016, Vol. 14, Issue 3) 

6. Allergy & Asthma Today (“Quick Thinking: Dairy-free, Nut-free Pancakes On the Go”, Fall 2016, Vol 14, Issue 3)

7. Allergy & Asthma Today (“Let it Snow! Managing Food Allergies at a Ski Resort” Winter 2016, Vol 14, Issue 4)

8. Allergy & Asthma Network (“Why is Lupin Allergy Becoming More Common?” June 14, 2017)



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