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I Eat Park City cont’d: Maxwell’s April 11, 2012


Maxwell’s, known for their delicious NY-style pizza, was a *HUGE* find after a long, arduous afternoon tubing (yes, tubing!).  Reading through their hilariously named pizza options, I noticed they serve a gluten-free pie!   A cause to celebrate (and eat!) if you’re in the market for a GF dinner.


It’s a restaurant I certainly won’t “fugettabout” for next time.


I Eat Park City March 28, 2012

Okay, well I didn’t eat all of Park City.   But it was my vacation too, and I’m not cooking!  So, after another great day of skiing we ventured out.  This time to Wasatch Brew Pub and Cantina.


Having eaten at Wasatch in the past, my husband led us up Main St.  We were seated upstairs and carefully eyed the menu for dishes my son could safely eat.


While our waiter was filling our drinks at the bar, I strolled over to ask a few food allergy questions before I presented my son with menu options.  I was so sincerely impressed with, and appreciative of, the answers from both our waiter and the nearby food manager.  They were sooooo accommodating and showed a thorough understanding of food allergy safety.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • Their fry oil is vegetable in which they fry only french fries and chicken fingers.
  • They make their own (sesame seed-free, nut-free) pizza dough on-site.
  • Wasatch offers gluten-free buns/breads.
  • In the interest of full disclosure, I was told there are nuts in kitchen (for salad and the trout) – not used in their fryer.
  • They did not have information whether sesame seeds might be present in the hamburger buns, so we abstained.

I guessed aloud that my son would probably order a burger to be safe….to which the food manager replied that she’d feel better if the kitchen used a separate, clean pan to sear my son’s burger away from the grill for safety.  The instinct was right on and I was more than appreciative.


And, as if that weren’t enough, our waiter came to speak to my husband and I while we waited for our food.  “I just want to let you know, our manager is watching the line like a hawk!”    I don’t think we could have loved this place more!


…until I had their mac and cheese.  When my son can eat dairy, we’re coming back for bucketsful!


How Now Java Cow? March 27, 2012


Unfortunately, we didn’t get as lucky for dessert (see I Ride Park City for previous post)….


We had checked out this adorable ice cream shop earlier in the day and were thrilled to see it served multiple flavors of dairy-free sorbet.
Of course, it was all too easy!


When my son and I returned after dinner, we were dismayed to learn that all of their ice cream and sorbet flavors are made on the same equipment.  Which meant they were ALL off-limits to us.  A huge bummer!


I’ll admit it: I was more disappointed than my son. Java Cow ice cream smelled delicious and seemed so cute.  If you’re not avoiding peanuts or tree nuts, go for it for me!


I Ride Park City (With Food Allergies) March 26, 2012


We stumbled upon Easy Street Brasserie and Bar on our very first night in Park City, UT.  The French-based menu looked interesting and we were starving!  Although we don’t avoid gluten any longer, the certified gluten-free sign on the door appeared promising.  Any restaurant that goes to the trouble of having a gluten-free certified menu must understand the importance of good allergen-safety.


The staff at Easy Street were excellent about answering our allergy-related questions, verifying possible allergens again and again happily.  For example, they relayed that the calamari we were interested in was technically safe but fried in oil with other dishes that contained nuts (we had asked about ingredients but not yet focused on the fry oil).


Here’s a little more to consider:

  • The bread was safe for my son (meaning it was sesame seed, peanut and tree nut-free);
  • There was no butter added to the steaks, as you sometimes  find (ew AND unnecessary!);
  • They were glad to substitute unsafe portions of a meal with safe sides;
  • We ordered a charcuterie platter since I love cheese and crackers and we all love salami and carpaccio.  Not only could my son gobble down the meat, but the cheese came with Carrs Water Crackers which are safe!
  • BUT there were no safe desserts for my son.  Everything had dairy at a minimum.

I feel like I need to reiterate how pleasant the entire staff was throughout our meal.

Will we be making it back before we leave?  Mais, oui!