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FDA Petition: Help Warn FA Families of Ingredient Changes February 8, 2011

The FDA is considering a petition which would require food companies to display the advisory statement “Ingredient Information Has Changed” on the front of packaging when one or more of the 8 major food allergens has been added to their product (allergens which has not previously been included).
This petition is open for the general public and it is encouraged that everyone leave comments as this has an impact on the FDA’s decision.   Go to and enter the docket number (FDA-2010-P-0578-0001) in the Enter Keyword or ID: search field.   You may also go to!searchResults;rpp=10;so=DESC;sb=postedDate;po=0;s=FDA-2010-P-0578-0001 and scroll to the bottom of the page to view the full  petition and make a comment. If you have any questions contact Dwayne Ratleff at
Note:  It is not recommended that this potential regulation substitute for the continued need to check all food labels.  Food allergic families will always need to keep checking ingredient lists and manufacturing lines to ensure the safety of their FA family members.  This would just add another layer of defense against an inadvertent reaction.
Please pass this information on to other food allergic families.   Thank you!