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Intrigued by The Commissary December 4, 2011

My sister-in-law, who has a variety of food allergies herself, was visiting DC recently.  While here, she met a friend for breakfast at The Commissary, located on P St between 14th and 15 Streets in the District.


She noted that The Commissary’s menu was allergy-friendly for her particular food allergies and ordered with ease.  But what struck her most was that the waitress would not leave the table without taking note of everyone’s food allergies, making sure each diner understood their meal would be prepared on separate equipment.


With all the press lately about how restaurant staff have little to no understanding of food allergies, this sounds like a standout place who deserves some kudos on their food allergy education. They note right on their website that they will accommodate most common food allergies and note the menu items that are vegan and vegetarian.  I’m looking for any excuse to try The Commissary!


EatWell Group also owns Logan Tavern, Grillfish DC and the Heights restaurants.  Have any of you had any food allergy experiences with these restaurants?  I’m relying on your recommendations.  Comment below!