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Happy Birthday! (Peanuts, Tree nuts, Milk, Eggs, Wheat/Gluten) December 31, 2010

Today is my birthday.  And, I’ve been up for hours now baking my own allergy-free birthday cake so that my son can enjoy it with me later.  The effort is totally worth it when I see him eating the frosting (and sometimes ONLY the frosting) and then walking around the house with it smeared inexplicably in his hair and other oddball locations.  My recipe is simple and delicious.  But had I planned ahead a little, I could have ordered a cake from some amazing allergy-free bakeries and slept in!

Here are my favorites:

Divvies:  Located near my parents’ house in NY, Divvies makes allergy-free popcorn, cupcakes, amazing cookies (don’t miss the ginger molasses, even if you think you don’t like that kind) and candy.  The owners are parents of a food allergic child and are extremely conscientious of allergy-related issues.  Divvies ships and has devised a clever way to package things like cupcakes to ensure they arrive looking perfect!


And, locally (DC Metro area):  Free For All Cupcakes makes outstanding milk, egg and nut-free cupcakes of all varieties in an allergy-free environment.   They also make gluten-free, vegan and organic cupcakes with all kinds of available frosting flavors and fun decorations.  Best of all, they are delicious and convenient!

Happy Birthday to me and Happy New Year to you!


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