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Get Started on Passover with an Egg and Nut Allergy April 9, 2014

Spring holidays are upon us!  And while they are festive, they can be very difficult for those with food allergies.  Particularly if you have an egg or nut allergy.


Have no fear:  Allergy Shmallergy is here to help!


Let’s first discuss Passover as that is the holiday approaching the soonest.   Passover is a week-long holiday highlighted by a huge feast marked with tradition called a Seder.  Because many families eat according to tradition by avoiding leavened bread, many cooks are improving with matzo this time of year.  This becomes a challenge for us egg-free families, since egg is often used as a binder in food containing matzo.


Below is a link to an Egg-Free Matzo Ball recipe I found a few years ago.  There’s nothing like Matzo Ball Soup (at Passover or anytime throughout the year), so this recipe comes in VERY handy!


Egg-free eaters, aren’t the only ones who struggle at Passover.  Nuts dot several traditional dishes and desserts, including one right on the seder plate:  Charoset.  The link below also includes a delicious nut-free charoset recipe that your guests will be excited to indulge in.

Allergy-Free Charoset and Egg-Free Matzoh Balls


For an egg-free, nut-free dessert, why not try my favorite Sorbet Pie or some other passover friendly filled pie?  I came across this recipe and can’t wait to use it on Monday.  I’m thinking Raspberry Sorbet AND Chocolate Mousse Pies…. Mmmm…


Pesach Pie Crust (via

Shmallergy Sorbet Pie


I’ll continue to post any allergy-friendly Passover recipes I come across.  In the meantime, you get cooking!




O’My Goodness! Peanut-free and Tree Nut-free Chanukah Cookies December 9, 2012

We can almost NEVER buy baked goods off-the-shelf.  They always seem to conflict with my son’s food allergies and, thus, he’s relegated enjoying the creations that result from my sometimes limited baking and decorating skills.


However, while grabbing some items at our local Balducci’s, we read through the ingredients label of fabulously decorated dreidel, star and present butter cookies.  Amazingly, they are produced in a peanut and tree nut-free facility!  And, if you have a dairy allergy but can eat baked dairy (as our allergist advised we could), the frosting did not contain dairy (the cookie, however, did).

Here’s a link to their Chanukah cookies which you can order online.  But they also sell cookies for other occasions.  *One warning*, their cookies are likely for special occasions only (baby arrival, holidays, etc) as they are not priced to buy in bulk.  But, it was a special treat for us to even find one like it that my son could eat – and he loved every bite!


TooJay’s Gourmet Deli…Mmm…. December 20, 2011

Searching for comfort food, we found ourselves at Toojays in Palm Beach last night.  And, when you’re in the mood for corned beef, there’s really no better place to go.


But again, food allergy-friendly?  Here’s what we learned:

  • Toojays keeps a list of vegetarian, nut-free and gluten-free foods.  While not overly helpful for our particular set allergies (since we also deal with sesame seeds, dairy and eggs), this could prove very handy to anyone solely allergic to pork, beef, peanuts, tree nuts and/or wheat.
  • When I asked whether the challah bread contained sesame seeds, the waitress immediately checked with the manager.  The answer: no (phew! My son was so looking forward to challah).  But the manager asked whether rye or wheat bread would be safe for my son to eat.  Perplexed, I answered that as long as it didn’t contain his allergens, we’d be fine.  The reason:  they slice the challah on the same slicer as the other two breads and he wanted to ensure there’d be no issue with cross-contamination.  I love people who think a few steps ahead!
  • Next, my son wanted meatloaf.  As you already know, finding breadcrumbs without sesame seeds is particularly difficult and I have a hard time trusting commercial brands for that reason.  But the waitress was more than happy to call the manager again to find out whether that might be safe.  Seemed like it might –but “might” doesn’t work for us – so we ordered a super-delicious hot dog.
  • The waitress was very flexible with the kids.  Hamburger and hot dog buns can be a tricky issue with my son’s allergens as well, so she was quick to offer to serve the hot dog on much beloved challah bread.
  • And, the waitress was nice enough to recommend side dishes that were likely to be safe for my son (like carrots, applesauce, and mandarin oranges).

Although I think we gave the server a run for her money- as she admitted she hadn’t had to answer these kinds of questions in ages- she was really wonderful.  And, I was in heaven sitting in a NY-style deli, listening to Motown, while eating such delicious food with my family.


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