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Playdates: An Interesting Reminder February 20, 2012

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So, an interesting thing happened the other day…


My younger son (4), who has no food allergies himself,  had a playdate with his adorable friend.  While running from one room to the next, they found time to stop just long enough to eat some leftover Valentine’s Day Pez – a fact I didn’t know until the next day.


Although the food (and candy) in our house is always nut free and almost always dairy and egg free…  And, although this friend has no food allergies, it is still important that he learn to ask an adult before sharing.

This lesson has been long-ingrained in my older, food allergic son, but I think it will be important for me to re-state this principle with a new angle.  While we’ve been so focused on keeping my big guy safe from his many food allergies, we may not have emphasized enough the need to think of other kids and theirs.


Thankfully, it was Pez (sugar, unpronouncables, and dye but no top allergens) and no harm done.   But, we’ll be talking before our next playdate.