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Peanut-Free Bird Feeders: Lesson Learned February 16, 2012

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So, I was contacted by my son’s Hebrew school earlier this week to let me know that they would be making bird feeders.  They were kind enough to email the food allergic parents to explain that they would be using Crisco to bind the seed to the feeder and have checked to verify that the bird seed did not contain nuts.


Well, that takes a load off, doesn’t it?!  After a quick exchange about having my son wash his hands afterwards, I put the whole thing out of my brain.


When I arrived to pick my son up, his teacher quickly pointed out that he made a bird feeder but not with bird seed.  (Oh?)  His very thoughtful teacher decided to double check the bird seed package and read that it did contain nuts.  She made a wise judgement that my son shouldn’t handle the birdseed and cleverly had him make what will likely be a super-popular bird feeder from crushed graham crackers.


I have alerted the school that this brand of seed shouldn’t be used in the future.  And, the lesson is:  it pays to double check the facts and ask the obvious questions sometimes….