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Play Ball! April 1, 2014

The Washington Nationals have announced their peanut-free days this year and so have many of the MLB and minor-league teams!  Mark your calendars, grab your tickets and bring your glove.  You never know if you’ll catch a fly ball, but you can rest assured knowing that you’ll enjoy the game without worry!


Here’s the Nats schedule:

Date Opponent Time
Sat, Apr 26
Nationals vs San Diego Padres

San Diego Padres

1:05 pm
Sun, May 18
Nationals vs New York Mets

New York Mets

1:35 pm
Sat, Jun 21
Nationals vs Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves

7:15 pm
Sat, Jul 19
Nationals vs Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers

7:05 pm
Sun, Aug 17
Nationals vs Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates

5:05 pm

Check your local team’s website for more information.


Gluten-Free (and Other Safe Concessions) at Nationals Park March 28, 2012

Play Ball!  Today is opening day of major league baseball!


Did you know that Nationals’ Park in Washington, DC has identified what concession items are gluten-free at their stadium?!  Well, doesn’t that make dining easier?!


FYI, they also identify vegetarian and healthier food options on their website.   This helps those of us avoiding other allergens to reliably find safe food.  For example, it lists where to find whole fruit, grilled vegetable wraps, fruit and vegetable cups.

  • Gluten Free (Section 136)

    • Hot Dog
    • Chili Cheese Dog
    • Nachos
    • Loaded Nachos
    • Carmel & Cheddar Popcorn
    • Olive & Sweet Potato Chips
    • Beer
  • Curly W Pretzels (Sections 105 and 319)

    • Soft Pretzels

Buy Me Some Popcorn and Cracker Jacks? Peanut-Free Baseball Begins! March 19, 2012

According to Reuters, roughly half the MLB plays host to peanut-free sections throughout their seasons.  For those who are severely allergic to peanuts, the idea of sitting next to someone unshelling peanuts seems daunting.  Although the risk of a reaction at an outdoor venue is very small, according to Dr. Wood (see, these special accommodations offer enormous peace of mind at a traditionally peanut-full sporting event.


Many teams now offer peanut-free sections, including the Milwaukee Brewers, Seattle Mariners, Minnesota Twins, St. Louis Cardinals, Boston Red Sox, San Diego Padres, Toronto Blue Jays and New York Mets among many others.  And, don’t forget about the minor league teams joining the peanut-free trend!


As for our local team, the Washington Nationals will host peanut-free sections during certain games in June, July and August games.  These typically sell-out quickly, so be on the look-out for peanut free game announcements!  Baseball season kicks off March 28th.

For details, check out:  Peanut-Free Sections In Baseball Stadiums Welcomes Allergic Fans


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